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Core Guidelines


  1. General
  2. Funding Levels
    1. Funding of AdvanceSC
    2. Funding for Programs
  3. Eligibility and Use of Funds
    1. Public Assistance Programs
    2. Economic Development Initiatives
    3. Educational Programs
    4. Manufacturing Competitiveness Fund

  1. General
    1. AdvanceSC will make grants for the following purposes:
      1. Public Assistance Programs: Duke Energy Carolinas’ South Carolina Share the Warmth, Cooling Assistance, and Fan-Heat Relief programs.
      2. Economic Development Initiatives: Economic development initiatives by the State Department of Commerce or regional economic development partnerships, chambers of commerce or economic development groups to attract new or expanding industries into Duke Energy Carolinas’ South Carolina service area.
      3. Educational Programs: The following college/university, technical college and high school programs related to manufacturing-based economic development efforts in Duke Energy Carolinas’ South Carolina retail service area:
        1. Technical college training programs that prepare the work force to support new and existing manufacturing and related industry
        2. College/university research/higher education programs that provide innovative solutions and competitive advantages for manufacturing and related industry
        3. High school education programs that support workforce preparedness for manufacturing and related industry, increase graduation rates or reduce dropout levels
      4. Manufacturing Competitiveness Fund (MCF): Proposed projects or assessments to identify projects that increase productivity, reliability, cost control, efficiency or reduce the environmental impact of a manufacturing facility.
    2. The board of directors of AdvanceSC (the board) will adopt a conflict of interest policy that manages, reduces or eliminates actual or potential conflicts of interest prior to consideration of a grant request or award of a grant.
    3. The board is responsible for fund administration. The operating cost of AdvanceSC, including fund administration fees, will be paid out of AdvanceSC funds. The amount available for the purposes set forth in Section I.A. above is the amount distributed by Duke Energy Carolinas to AdvanceSC net of the operating costs of AdvanceSC.